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Peter Benson The Essex School of Woodcarving I have been carving since I was a child, and, having spent a lifetime in teaching, now consider myself primarily a woodcarving teacher, and secondly a carver. Dave Johnson Gloucestershire I have been a professional wood sculptor and teacher for many years. Michael Painter I am based in Warwickshire and have been a professional woodcarver for 30 years.
The Geisler-Moroder Austrian Woodcarving School Many courses run in Austria, including Winter in the Alps.

Charles Oldham follows in the grand tradition of English woodcarving, restoring work by master carvers of the past, and creating new works using the same skills passed on by generations of wood carvers.
Learning the correct techniques will quickly enable the novice to produce beautiful and fulfilling carvings. The Essex School of Woodcarving provides courses for carvers of all abilities mostly on a one day basis but also offers courses of any length according to demand. Following on from an Art School education in the 1970s, Charles entered the wood carving trade in London.

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