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Here is the problem: Just about anyone on the planet who teaches carving recommends between a half dozen to a dozen tools to start out with but nobody agrees on WHICH half dozen or dozen tools to start with. There is a overlap of course, but different teachers teach different ways, different techniques, and also within the world of carving there are tons of different approaches. Pye's seven piece set from Auriou, which I mention above - has very little overlap with the tools I needed for the exercises. The range of wood carving tools available from the manufacturers whom we represent is immense. Leading UK manufacturer and Stubai Woodcarving Tools are hand forged from top quality special alloy steel and heat Flexcut Carving Tools. STUBAI, the Austrian manufacturer, produces woodcarving tools with a durable blade made of an easy to sharpen steel.

Manufactured from exclusively top character materials Stubai wood carving chisels uk and are to the entire guaranteed.
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A short video in which I introduce and endorse the new Auriou carving tools from Forge SaintJeury, which I helped to redesign. As a newcomer to woodcarving, you will be impressed by the array of tools used by New tools are still made in the UK by HENRY TAYLOR (Sheffield) and some of the best), AURIOU (France), STUBAI (Austria), and KIRSCHEN (Germany). Incidentally if you are studying lettercarving or doing bigger or smaller stuff the basic sets aren't for you anyway. Stubai wood carving tools are a premium European brand with an extensive range of close to 1500 tool options in all.

Big wide chisels for lettercarving, it varies from person to person and it is hard to predict.
These tools are used for your larger projects where you need to really whack the wood away. Ramelson and a few other companies make some styles but they don't forge bolsters and other details.

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