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Sierra Rivers' three woodblock prints evoke a nightmarish fantasy land, where some unfathomable monster lurks — an exercise, it turns out, to shake off the confines of her work as an animation student, an orderly discipline with visuals often structured to compliment the characters' features. In this reflection, John Seven restarts a long-standing Berkshires Week & Shires of Vermont tradition — Gallery Walks. In her printmaking, Rivers allows the backgrounds to come alive on their own through her carving and creates worlds that are grounded in a recognizable reality even as they seem alien on a closer look.Morgana Tetherow-Keller inks up a copper plate.

Staff writers and occasional freelance writers will visit local galleries across the area, choosing exhibits that intrigue us, and combine our impressions with background knowledge, research and conversations. His "Ocean And Sky" lithograph and woodblock print transforms the typical nautical scene with its moody wetness, in his depiction of the water itself, as well as in a hint of water damage worked into the print itself.
Gallery Walks give us a way to look in on the work at many local for-profits — some rotate shows monthly, and all have free admission.

For a growing range of art at local museums and galleries, see the exhibit listings in this magazine.

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