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Wood burning, which goes by pyrography when it’s feeling fancy, has been an art form for centuries. But the extra twist that really brings the wow factor to the fractal patterns burned into the wood is the addition of some phosphorescent resin to fill the valleys carved by the electric discharge. [PapaJ06] carefully prepares the wood, fills the burns with glow powder mixed with epoxy resin, and finishes with a little sanding, linseed oil and polyurethane.
To be fair I think everyone knows wood is a terribe condctor of electricity and if you are managing to do this to it, Then you are using something pretty dangerous.

Anyway, pretty neat project I do like watching the patterns form in the wood and interesting to see the pathways chosen, i guess some people just want to watch the wood burn.
1) The large HV capacitor in a microwave oven has a bleeder resistor, that drains the charge on the capacitor when the power is off. However, if the new pattern meets up with an old one the electricity will flow through the charred wood preferentially.

Pets put inside microwave ovens then subjected to high power microwaving for 5 minutes may expire.

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