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The biomass boiler near Port Hawkesbury consumed 530,000 tonnes of woody biomass last year, with nearly a quarter of that imported from outside the province, CBC has learned. The numbers are contained in a summary report prepared for the province by Nova Scotia Power, which owns the boiler.
Last year was the first full year of operation for the biomass boiler, which was approved to provide cheap electricity to Port Hawkesbury Paper and help Nova Scotia Power meet legislated renewable energy targets of 25 per cent in 2015. Matt Miller of the Ecology Action Center says given Nova Scotia Power is importing biomass, it suggests the company is facing some of the same supply issues as sawmills and even pulp mills.

Primary biomass is largely wood, while secondary biomass is usually the chips and bark from sawmills.
Matt Miller of the Ecology Action Center has been critical of the boiler from the start, calling it an unwise use of a forest that should be providing higher value products.
Sawmills and flooring manufacturers that are experiencing difficulty finding enough hardwood question to what extent Port Hawkesbury Paper and private contractors are working to separate it from the truckloads of biomass heading to the boiler. The Department of Natural Resources confirms 43 percent of the hardwood on Crown lands licensed to Port Hawkesbury Paper wound up being used for biomass last year.

Gandy won a prestigious bagpiping competition in Scotland that saw the top 25 pipers in the world competing for top honours.
He says importing biomass suggests the power company is facing some of the same supply issues competing for fibre as sawmills and even pulp mills.

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