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We involve all of our clients from start to finish so they are just as proud of their barn as we are. Our owners started building barns in Oregon back in the 70's and have not stopped building since.
We have been busy doing barns from Star Tx to Lipan and will be doing a number of exciting project this year; including a Winery in Fredericksburg (TX) and a music studio in Dripping Springs, as well as our many amazing barns and barn homes. We takes pride in building a quality custom barn and home that you will be just as proud to own as we are to build. Foundation costs usually exceed 15% of the total cost of construction for typical single story construction.

Properly engineered pole barns often include wide truss spacing compared to stick built structures.
Rather than waste a prime location for your new building because of excavation issues, instead build a pole building in a less desirable area since site contours are in some cases acceptable for certain pole barn uses. Your pole barn can be fully framed to look just like conventional construction or be an open air barn with minimal finishing costs.
Structures supported by poles do not tend to collapse during a fire like conventional wood framing on foundations do.
Always check into zoning and get a building permit prior to planning your construction project.

Last year we needed a pole barn built to help store some of our farm and lawn equipment and lots of split wood that we use to heat our tropical fish hatchery.
We are so glad we chose Chris Smucker (Construction Manager) and his crew to build our pole barn. They did such a good job on building our pole barn, that 2 of my Dad's friends hired Lancaster Pole Buildings, Inc to build a garage and to fix and modify an existing garage.

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