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The Wood & Metal Industrial Wine Rack is an inspiring piece of architectural artistry to add to your home.
AT has featured some great wine rack roundups (here and here), so we thought we'd comb the archives for old and new ideas for the best small space solutions. The Gus Modern Acrylic Wine Holder has the same basic design as the Blomus Wine Rack, but the acrylic material makes it appear very lightweight and bottles can be stacked on one side of the rack. This Built-In Mailing Tube Wine Rack from Readymade could be easily implemented in a deep shelf or cabinet. The Kartell Infinity Wine Rack snaps together in different configurations to best fit a small cabinet or shelf. The Holman Entertaining Shelves from Pottery Barn are a clean, modern design that could be used on top of a table or mounted to the wall. The Matrix Storage Cubes can be used as shelving in the living room, and the wine rack insert provides space for bottles.
The Cellar Wine Rack from CB2 (one cube with four cubbies) can create a built-in look above a shelf, in a cabinet, or in an alcove. These Vintage View Wine Bottle Racks make vertically stacked wine bottles into a striking design element.

The ever popular wine rack by Harry Allen is now available in your favorite color (wine-wise). Wall-mounted wine racks are a super way to save space and show off your collection at the same time. Sparked by the graphic line of hanging grapes, Wagner created this wall-mounted wine rack for Danish brand Menu. This stackable wine rack holds six wine bottles, and conveniently can be added on as your collection grows. This wine rack is actually quite a nice idea- you can add on modular units as needed (either as your collection grows or as your budget will allow).
An excellent choice for displaying your wine, this rack can be added on as your collection grows.
An interesting way to display your wine, this Sporadic Wall Panel is available in two sizes to fit your collection. A brushed stainless steel wine rack to hold your bottles…it gets points for not being overly done, as some stainless pieces tend to be. With the enhanced design of the Vintner Series Individual Diamond Bin wine rack, each wine bottle is stored in an individual cradle, yet at a diagonal pattern, creating a very dramatic storage display for your prized possessions.

Not to mention it holds 28 bottles of your favorite vintages! Crafted from materials that pay homage to the industrial revolution, including sturdy pine wood and galvanized steel, this rack securely holds each bottle inside its own cube.
While you might be short on space (or cash) to make a proper cellar happen now, this expandable rack could be a good compromise, as it allows your storage to grow as you add to your collection.
Pretty spectacular, though I don’t want to know how much it costs to fill that sized wall with that many racks.
This tongue-in-cheek rack consists of four bottles, halved in two and cast as a single piece. The clever design allows you to suspend all kinds of bottles: ordinary ones, slim dessert ones, even heftier ones of Champagne.
Capable of accomodating up to six bottles, it is available in black, red wine (transparent) and white wine (transparent gold) versions. Wine Wedges also work on wire rack fridge shelves…Wine Wedges are precision-engineered from high-quality rubber and their sloping edges have been specifically designed to secure curvy objects.

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