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As the only nature preserve within Chicago, we make 46 acres of forest, wetland, prairie, and savannah available to our city every day. Over the last two summers, Walking Stick Woods has been used by a camp for differently abled campers whose aides told us the site was its own therapy. My friend had gone with his dad to Mexico on a fishing trip and brought back some M-80 firecrackers, which were rumored to actually be a quarter stick of dynamite and would explode underwater.
Not walking on the grass can be so fucking ingrained in our military heads that even the fucking military working dogs fucking get sucked in. Not a stick that someone chooses from the forest floor and then lovingly sharpens into an effective tool, but the type of stick you’d normally walk over. If you spend enough time in the military, retire and then go to work with military people you will feel, at the very least, a physical twitch in your arm when salutes are rendered while walking past a group of people of different ranks. She’d  set up a professional tent complete with wood flooring and one of those propane heaters, there were strobe lights (likely unheard of in the 1950s) and there were more than a few chicks just slinging boobs, likely not very party-theme-appropriate, in low cut dresses.
We give our visitors the chance to see the wilderness that Chicago once was, to forget for an afternoon that we live in a huge city, and to connect with our history.

We all agreed that we wanted to keep signage to a minimum, so we simply altered a pedestrian crossing sign to include a walking stick, and it became the welcome to Walking Stick Woods. But my wife, she still found the weekly line up of, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, So You Think You Can Dance and, I cringe, Desperate Housewives interesting. Every session involves cooking and stories and whatever magic Teresa continues to weave out in the woods, whatever new treasure the space reveals to pounce upon. Walking Stick Woods is open to the public from sunrise to sunset and is drawing in its own visitors in addition to Teresa’s school. We drew faces on the backs of our hands and planned to make scale-model huts for our “Survivorhand.” A cottonwood tree had come down in a storm that week and it provided ample leaf and stick material without harming a living tree.
We still haven’t seen real misuse of the site.  Forest Play SchoolAfter its initial success, Teresa Weed returned with a new idea about how we could use Walking Stick Woods.
From woods to a TB sanitarium and back again, Walking Stick Woods continues to heal, to let kids explore and get the outdoor play, the unstructured fun we all need to become whole humans.   About the AuthorSean Shaffer has been an Education Naturalist at Chicago Park District’s North Park Village Nature Center for twelve years and an informal educator in Chicago for twenty two, having worked at Kohl Children’s Museum, the Chicago Academy of Sciences, and The John G. What was planned to be a half-hour activity turned into nearly two hours and incredible structures of sticks, stones, and less-natural debris.
At a Maple Syrup Festival, we collected a focus group by leading a wheelbarrow parade through the crowd, inviting all to hop in the wheelbarrow and join us to play in the woods.

We had heard Claire Warden speak and were very inspired by her work at a forest school in Scotland, so we agreed to test the idea in Walking Stick Woods.
He is on the Chicago Wilderness Leave no Child Inside committee and the Northern Illinois Nature-based Preschool Association board. OK, the LA cops were a bit fucking insane, but the guys working in New York City and Chicago were reasonable enough. So, as part of the Chicago Wilderness Early Childhood Task Force, we organized a larger experiment.

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