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Design ideas for a traditional study room with beige walls, medium tone hardwood floors and a freestanding desk. Despite there now being a bigger furniture footprint, the room feels lighter due to the desks' whiteness and their significantly shorter height.
I like the concept of a built in corner office desk.Inspiration for a traditional home office with medium tone hardwood floors and a freestanding desk. Desk--like the small shelves that go to counter top.Inspiration for a traditional home office.

A bit of seclusion from the busy-ness of the rest of the house allows for better concentration and privacy when meeting with clients.This is an example of an eclectic home office with beige walls, carpet and a freestanding desk. My husband took the larger corner unit, while I took a smaller desk in exchange for a partial view through a nearby bedroom window. Book spines add splashy color punches and draw the eye upward, taking attention away from the smallness of the space.Design ideas for a contemporary home office in Wichita.
Concessions are part of the process.Photo of a contemporary home office with green walls, medium tone hardwood floors and a built-in desk.

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