Turning wood bowl blanks, diy wood block vise - Plans Download

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CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding wheels are said to have advantages for grinding woodturning tools.
Its cutting action is like that of a traditionally ground bowl gouge, with the wing close to the wood surface. There you can see my work, buy great gifts, and find lots more information about woodturning, including pages on tool sharpening, bowl troubleshooting, finishing methods and more.
A wooden post is held upright by standing it in a bucket of loose gravel on the floor behind the headstock.
I did that by holding the steel bushes in my woodturning chuck and skimming them very lightly with a graver. But the shape of the fluteless gouge puts the shaft nearly perpendicular to the wood surface, reducing any tendency to vibration.

The suction falls off very rapidly with distance, and has to compete with air movement caused by the spinning wood or sander. I think long jaws with a parallel grip are best for the job as they give good support to the wood.
The fluteless gouge must also be rolled on its side so the lower part of the edge is nearly vertical and slices through the wood. The post has a projecting arm at about the height of the lathe spindle, at the end of which is a wooden cradle to support the hose, which hangs down from above. The Titan handled them easily, turning at about 1500 rpm and making large amounts of curly shavings. The sturdy tool rest and firm grip on the blank seems to eliminate vibration and made the cutting effortless.

Although the grinding angle is obtuse, the wood coming onto the slicing edge sees it as very sharp. If they are wide, the points are easy to keep clear of the wood, so the risk of catches is minimal.

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