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Follow the compound with a machine glaze (Mirror Glaze #3 or similar) to bring the varnish's true shine to life. Once the last nut and bolt were tightened down, I was finally able to stand back and truly appreciate the fruits of my labor.
Staining or even painting isn't necessarily a vital part of finishing the wood; it's all personal taste combined with whatever overall look you're trying to achieve with your truck. As a matter of fact, there isn't anything that isn't addressed-from wood preparation to handling to each and every individual varnishing step, it's there for you. If you follow the appropriate steps and take your time, you'll end up with a bed that'll be envied by all.
Remember, with oil-based stains, the longer you leave it on the wood, the darker it will get (same goes for water-based, but the times differ).

You'll notice that some of the grain is still visible through an inconsistent surface-I chose to retain that real wood look.
When installing the bed for the last time, be cautious not to gouge your shiny new surface on any sharp metal edges, especially the side pieces.
Basically, treat this portion of the project like you would if you were reassembling a freshly painted truck-slow and easy! Sure, there's still a long ways to go before she's ready to be called done, but at least she's got a bed that's sure to knock 'em dead! As I mentioned, since my '53 will one day end up with a pistachio-lime green and black two-tone on the exterior, I thought adding a black stain to the light wood would make a dramatic effect-we'll soon see. Most experienced woodworkers would likely not need the reference; for the so-called amateur like myself, despite having some prior knowledge, the instruction sheets can make the difference between a job you're proud of and one you'd like to do over.

Depending on the surface of the wood you start with, five coats of varnish will typically do the job. If you want people to walk away from your truck stunned by the beauty of your bed wood, be prepared to put forth your best effort-you will thank yourself in the long run (and maybe even remember where you got the inspiration from!). With wood, unless you're painting it (which is commonly done), the smoothness of the finish is dependent on your ability to cut the layers of varnish down evenly-without burning through to the stain-until you achieve the desired look.

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