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You can opt for a nice simple design or choose the intricate types, like the L-shaped bunk bed with drawer incorporated. Some come even in baby sizes in order to make it easier for the parents to buy this type of beds from an early age. Each bunk bed is crafted one at a time, using high quality pine, and the best heavy-duty hardware to insure a high quality, durable bunk bed. By design, my bunk beds are built to be the most heavy duty, solid, sturdy bunk beds on the market. I make over 63 different models and designs of bunk beds, including Standard bunk beds, Stackable bunks, Full-Twin bunks, Loft beds, L-Shaped bunk beds, Bookcase Head Board bunk beds, Captains Beds with HUGE drawers, and Triple bunk beds. By making each bunk bed one at a time, I can stain your bunk bed to any color you want, so it will match your other furniture in the room. The Viking Loft is an L-Shape without the lower twin bed to form the L-Shape configuration. The Paul Bunyan Book Case Head Board Stackable bunk bed is the same as the Paul Bunyan Ladder style bunk bed (preceding bunk bed) but with a bookcase headboard.
Like it sounds, this is a roll out drawer that holds an extra mattress for overnight guests. The time from when you place your order until it is completed and packaged for pickup or delivery varies depending on the size and number of orders in front of yours at the time you place your order. Our Loft Bed and Bunk Beds are designed for youth, tween, teen, college students and adults. Our Bunkhouse Bunk Beds are heavy duty and are used by youth, tween, teen, college students and adults.
We custom build each bunk bed to your exact specifications, so it will fit any ceiling height and any mattress thickness.

The 6" corner posts allow it to be made as a Standard bunk, Stackable (2 twin beds), Loft, or L-Shape. The Viking Stackable can be separated into 2 twin beds or set up as a twin over twin bunk bed. The lower bed can be turned in as a double decker bunk (pictured), or turned at a right angel forming an L-configuration. This way you can buy the bunk bed the way you want it, including the color you want, and any custom features.
They are also used in fraternity-sorority houses, church groups, bunkhouses, cottages, cabins, camps and hotels.With 1000 lbs. I spend the necessary time to create a bunk bed that will not only last a lifetime, but will proudly bear my name and authentic old style construction. The Loft has a bookcase headboard to take up the extra space, which allows for a standard twin mattress to fit it. This is a very popular style for camps, dormitories, summer cabins, fishing and hunting cabins, and beach houses. It fits under all bunk bed models, but we do have to make some slight changes to the bunks to fit the trundle under them.
Each bed comes with a safety rail for dorm use and our home use bed safety rails meet the Consumer Products Safety Commission Bunk Bed Guidelines.
By using high-grade pine, I create high quality bunk beds and furniture at reasonable and affordable prices. When stacked the bunks are held in place by dowel pins and metal safety plates that screw across the joint insuring a solid sturdy joint. It is probably the MOST HEAVY DUTY, STURDY, and SOLID BUNK BED ON THE MARKET in the country.

Or, you can phone me to set up a time to stop over and visit with me at my wood shop to discuss your bunk bed and place your orders. Before I can give you an estimate of what the delivery service would charge you for delivery, I'd first need to know the delivery address. By manufacturing and selling bunk beds factory direct to you, I eliminate several layers of middlemen in the furniture distribution chain and pass that savings on to you. If your bunk bed should ever break, I’ll repair or replace it based on the nature of the defect. Typically, bunk beds of equal quality would sell for at least twice as much as my bunk beds. They are made in compliance with the current Consumer Product Safety Council Bunk bed Safety Standards, and modified each time there is a change in the Safety Standards. In place of 2 storage drawers, we also offer this bed with a Trundle Drawer under it for extra sleeping space.
It has 2 guardrails on the front, back and both ends (Note: Above is an older picture, see Paul Bunyan Stackable for current guardrail detail).
It is available in all the same configurations as the Paul Bunyan (see Paul Bunyan series for details).
I package them for easy transporting in Vans, SUVs, pick up trucks, station wagons, trailers, etc.

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