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The bins at Toys n' Joys in Kaimuki are packed with video games — recent, vintage and imported.
Oh, sure, you'd never guess it from the dearth of parking stalls, folks lining up for a lunch table at Big City Diner, or ticketholders waiting for their number to be called for pork hash and manapua at Kwong On.
They scoot by on skateboards like bats out of heck, a blur of message shirts and backward ball caps. They insist on passing a basketball precariously close to your noggin and triple latte while you take notes outside Coffee Talk. On weekend afternoons, you'll find a handful of kids among the adults perusing comics, trading cards, anime books and action hero minutiae at other Kaimuki-area collector stores like Collector Maniacs and Gecko Books. A twenty-something couple squeals in unison after finally caving in to weeks of temptation and purchasing an expensive Japan-imported Playstation2 game they've wanted.
And if you buy the new feline T-shirt at Crazy Shirts at Ala Moana Center or Pearlridge, you get a coupon for a free microchip ID from the humane society. This is your chance (or maybe your parents' chance) to recycle those gently used toys, games, books, things you might have outgrown. The 88th annual King Kamehameha Celebration Floral Parade is a spectacle of floats, pa'u riders, marching bands and little kids and adults alike getting a big kick out of it.

It took a few weeks for me to confirm the news, but now that all the players have been properly notified and the signs printed, I can now type this with authority: Both Toys N Joys stores -- the store in Kaimuki, as I noted in the September Ota-cool Incoming!
Toys n' Joys carries everything from Totoro plushes and Zoids model kits to Kikaida action figures and anime DVDs. At Toys n' Joys in Kaimuki yesterday, Brendan Heale bought a Power Rangers Dinosaur set for his son, Brendan Jr.
Unlike many last-minute Christmas shoppers who dread crowded malls and parking lots, Kailua resident Ron Robinson has made shopping on Christmas Eve a yearly tradition. For nearly a decade, Robinson spent every Christmas Eve at Ward Warehouse to shop for gifts for his family and friends. Beer from the Liquor Collection, T-shirts from Native Books & Beautiful Things and jewelry from the Island Gold Collection were some of the items he purchased. Wong and Kapule, employees of Beyond the Beach, said they normally complete their shopping a week before Christmas, but worked more hours during the holiday season. Honolulu resident Melissa Mau admitted she waited until the last minute to purchase gifts based on two factors: sales, and "I'm just a procrastinator," said the Pier 1 Imports employee. Mau, who spent about $170 on a dress for herself from Cinnamon Girl and a gift for a friend from Town & Country Surf Shop, said she mentioned how impatient some customers become when purchasing an item right before Christmas.

But at Toys n' Joys on this Saturday afternoon, the adults seem more befuddled than kids who basically rule the place. Besides cultural performances at Ala Moana Center and the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, there's the grand parade, 5-7 p.m.
Groff and Li, who completed most of their Christmas shopping earlier, spent Christmas Eve, their day off, looking for stocking stuffers. Great video from Representative Barbara Marumoto on the The Celebrate Kaimuki Kanikapila that is held on the 1st Saturday in November annually. That means there's a special promotion going on: For a $55 adoption fee, you can take home not one, but TWO, furry darlings, and the fee includes spaying or neutering, a health exam, worming, initial vaccination, a microchip ID, a cat carrier and a bit of post-adoption care. Admission is $6 general, $4 seniors 62 and older and military, $2 kids 7-12, free for those 6 and younger.

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