Torsion box, free wooden trash can plans - Review

Categories: Work Bench Plans For Garage | Author: admin 27.10.2011

Everyone from furniture builders to door manufacturers to IKEA understands the value of a torsion box.
Image via Bay Area Woodworker's AssocationFor furniture builders who require completely flat assembly surfaces, a torsion box is often one of the first things they'll build to kit out their shop; hence there are tons of craftspeople who've posted online tutorials on how to build one.

You'll also note that Rogers has bucked the trend of constructing torsion boxes in a perfect grid. While Rogers doesn't explicitly mention it, one presumed benefit of using offset bracing is that you can hit the ends of each "rib" with a brad nailer without it being blocked by the previous row.Rogers isn't alone in realizing that a grid needn't be comprised of perfectly even squares in order to make a torsion box work.

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