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If you want to bring the feel of the islands to your backyard or a corner of your living room, learn how to build your own tiki bar. If you prefer to locate your tiki bar outdoors, find a clear space that is as flat as possible; a patio would be ideal. Next, nail bamboo fencing to cover the front and sides of the bar for that authentic, tiki look. If you want to save time while building your tiki bar, you can use a tall table or an old bar instead of constructing your own.

If your tiki bar is indoors, you probably don't have the available height to build a roof, nor do you really need one. If you don't have time to build your own tiki bar or aren't up for the challenge of a do-it-yourself project, you might consider purchasing a ready-made tiki bar.
When building your own tiki bar, you can construct it from raw materials or take a few short cuts.
Easy to build and great for entertaining, a bamboo tiki bar is a great way to give your next occasion a retro island vibe. A true tiki bar would have a Polynesian thatched roof, but most people don't possess thatching skills.

However, you should expect to spend significantly more for a ready-made bar than building your own.There are also many books and ebooks with plans and detailed instructions to build a tiki bar, if you want to make an especially fancy tiki bar with a highly customized design. While the size of your bar will depend on the space available, as a rule of thumb bars are generally 42 inches high (higher than an average table), and around two feet deep.
You can drive the poles into the ground, or cut openings in your bar top to conceal the bases.

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