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There was no question that the material was worth reprinting – because while no one book (or set of books) is truly comprehensive, this one comes pretty close when it comes to covering all things woodworking, particularly hand-tool woodworking (at 1,600+ pages, it should!). But I insisted that the quality of the books match the information inside, and that they be printed and produced entirely within the United States. Megan, only an editor with a keen sense of history, utility, and aesthetics would have the insight to even begin to pull off such an important reprinting project.
Both Lee Valley and Tools for Working Wood should soon have limited quantities available (keep your eyes peeled on their web sites).
I wanted them to look and feel as much like the original as possible – hardbound with a cloth cover, foil-stamped, a Smythe-sewn binding (not only does that last; it stays open on your bench), striped headbands, acid-free paper (that, by the by, is an improvement over the original) etc.

He relied on experts in various fields of woodworking for the information; his job was to make it easy to read and simple to understand.
After finally being able to save enough money to buy a set and searching franticly, I find that everywhere they have just sold the last set. And to produce this new set, we had to cut the pages from my vintage books to get high-quality scans – I wasn’t about to replace my nice-looking set with inexpensively produced copies with a glued binding and paper cover.
And it is – every topic is heavily illustrated with photographs and line drawings that make it easy to make sense of the words. The print order was submitted and the printing took place before the sales notice ever went up.

Below, you’ll find scans of the table of contents for each volume (click on each to make it large enough to read). And if these do sell out, I have excellent evidence that well-made books are worth the extra cost and trouble (assuming the information inside is equally solid).

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