Table top drawing board diy, wood garage shelves plans - Test Out

Categories: Work Bench Plans For Garage | Author: admin 31.12.2011

You can click & drag your mouse across the table top drawing board image for it to move to the next frame, or click on the image of the table top drawing board then use your mouse wheel to go to the next picture frame.
The adjustable drawing board allows for different working angles of the drawing board, giving a comfortable drawing position, the drawing board top easily removes by lifting it off, for use if you only require to draw sitting with it on your knee.

Position drawing paper on the drawing board attach using masking tape across each corner of drawing paper ensuring the drawing paper is laying flat. The above 360° video allows you to view the table top drawing board frame from every angle, showing how to set the angle of the table top drawing board, also showing each side of the table top drawing board with the drawing top in place ready for your creations.

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