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A table saw or sawbench is a woodworking tool consisting of a circular saw blade, mounted on an arbor, that is driven by an electric motor (either directly, by belt.
Woodworkers Supply provides Machinery, and other table saws products and other table saws accessories. Best table saws woodworking & wood shops, Table saws versatile home woodworking machines. For tuning up a tablesaw, or any other saw that uses a 10" circular blade, you also might want to purchase a calibration plate like the one shown in the photo below right. As the workhorse in most woodworking shops, the tablesaw gets more use than any other stationary power tool. Getting to know your saw Tablesaws fall into three general categories: direct-drive saws, contractor's saws, and cabinet saws. With direct-drive saws, the arbor is mounted on the motor shaft; there are no belts or pulleys.
With a contractor's saw, the motor mounts out behind the saw and drives the arbor with a single belt. Finally, if yours is a contractor's saw, check and tighten all of the stand's nuts and bolts. If you can't maneuver a straightedge into your saw, you'll have to align the pulleys by eye.
After completing the latest kitchen cabinet build, it was obvious to me that there were a number of maintenance issues with my table saw that needed my attention.

First and foremost was the issue of the electrical cord running from the table saw’s motor to the magnetic switch. Here’s the saw stripped down to its bare essentials, namely the cabinet, internal components, switch and power cord.
I take a marker and make a mark on the table saw blade body near any tooth as seen in the picture below and then measure the distance to the blade.
To adjust the miter slot parallel to the blade, I take a dead blow hammer and gently tap on the front or back corner of the table top to move the top so that the miter slot and blade are perfectly parallel. With the table saw blade and miter slot perfectly aligned it’s now time to put the rest of the saw back together including fabricating a bracket to hold the switch and wiring it.
With the fence and blade parallel to the miter slot, general maintenance complete and the switch location now changed, this saw is once again ready to take on a hard day’s work. To see whether the products work, we removed the old stamped pulleys on the saw arbor and motor and replaced them with the machined and balanced pulleys.
I've been using the link belt on a 32 year old Craftsman contractor saw (made by Delta) for a long time. For years I maintained and calibrated my table saws using a combination of machinist's squares, combination squares, drafting.
Table saws are typically the central piece of machinery in most wood shops and usually the first purchase for most woodworkers when they are assemblying. We carry out reviews on the latest table saws, including hybrid and portable table saws, also brands such as, dewalt, bosch,.

You probably already have all or most of the basic tune-up tools: 8" and 12" plastic drafting triangles, a 4' level or aluminum rule, a set of SAE or metric wrenches (depending on the type of screws and bolts used on your machine), spring or C-clamps, a few shingle shims, and several pieces of scrap stock.
A contractor's saw bolts to a lightweight frame and can be readily relocated from one part of a job site to another. I then rotate the blade to where the mark come up through the table saw top at the back of the throat plate and then move the caliper and holder to that location and take another measurement. For similar information on tuning up a radial-arm saw, bandsaw, or mitersaw, see the October 1995 issue of WOOD® magazine. Timely tune-ups ensure cuts that are right on the money-and promote safety by eliminating most of the causes of dangerous workpiece kickbacks. But contractor's models, which have a motor that hangs from the back of the saw with a long belt, are prone to vibration that transmits directly to the blade. Cleaning and lubricating the internal components of the table saw is another maintenance issue that needs attention from time to time and it’s now time. When you turn on the saw, the humps in the running belt bounce over the pulleys and create vibration. And since the cast iron top will be off the saw, I’ll need to align both the blade and fence parallel to the miter slot when I re-install the top.

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