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Once the wood comes out of the steam box, it begins to loose its flexibility in a minute or less, so you need to work fast. After experimenting with different lengths of time, I settled on steaming each leg blank for one hour. After an hour, we took the bent blank off of the jig, removed the strap and immediately clamped the blank to one of the drying forms (Photo 9). American Woodworker magazine was acquired by F+W Media (parent company of Popular Woodworking) in 2014. So many variables affect the way each piece of wood bends, the outcome can be difficult to predict. The turning point came when I discovered Lee Valley Tools’ Veritas strap clamp and instruction booklet on steam bending (see Sources, below).
I discovered that the bent leg blanks had to be edge jointed, because they were always slightly twisted.
The Philadelphia-based designer creates these astonishing sculptural seats by shaping ash and white oak strips with a low-energy, ancient technique called steam bending.

He then steam bends long strips of wood, changing the flat, rigid material into these fluid and functional shapes.
I planned to use some of them for test-bending and I wanted to have more than three bent blanks to choose from for the base.
Occasionally, we had to reduce the strap’s clamping pressure as we bent a blank around the form, to keep the curve from buckling. When all three blanks were bent, we headed to the golf course: The blanks had to stay in the forms for three days to stabilize.
They required only about 15 minutes in the steam box, not nearly as long as the leg blanks.
I wanted the stand to echo the blues music I love, so I decided to bend the wood, just like those soulful blue notes.
The strap clamp (see Sources, below) wraps the steamed piece and keeps its fibers from stretching and tearing apart as it’s bent. The entire bending process, from removing the steaming blank to applying the last clamp, takes less than a minute.

Originally used for building bows and boats, steam bending works by shaping wood with heated vapor – allowing designers to create curvaceous structures like these dynamic furniture pieces.
I still steamed the blanks together to save time, but I removed each one separately and clamped it on its own form. This seemed the perfect opportunity to try steam bending, something I’d always wanted to do.
So we rehearsed the entire bending process first, to choreograph our steps and make sure all the tools we needed were close at hand.

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