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Spalting is a generic term for various forms of discoloration that can occur in wood due to invasion of the wood fibers by fungal spores, which then form colonies and continue to grow in the wood. These two shots are of a piece of spalted elm that is unusual in that the spalting is obviously quite advanced but the wood is reportedly completely solid.
Spalting is caused by the inoculation of fungi into the wood which creates beautiful striations and defined lines throughout. Since spalting is a form of rot, the discoloration is usually accompanied by a degradation in the strength of the wood fibers and the wood can become quite punky and eventually just rot out entirely.

If you are not familiar with spalting, do NOT let this piece make you think that this is what spalting often looks like. The top two sets are book-matched and I believe the bottom two were cut as book-matched but gave a poor match because spalting does not run uniformly through the wood.
After much sourcing and deliberating, we have chosen to use inch and a half spalted sugar maple stock for the surface. When spalted wood is found, it is quickly sawed and dried to further halt the fungi action.

If a spalted log is not dealt with in a timely manor, rotting can begin and the structural integrity of the lumber is comprised, making it useless to work with.

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