South bend lathe bench plans, benchcrafted split top roubo bench makers package - Review

Categories: Wooden Park Bench Plans | Author: admin 23.02.2014

I've seen many underneath-drive 9's like the one in Dave's link, but always mounted to a wooden bench -- sometimes fully enclosed, with drawers, sometimes more open.
I was thinking that this style bench was available from South Bend, but I may be mistaken about that. Checking through some of my catalogs, it seems that the wood bench for the underneath-drive 9er was originally offered in finished form. Keep in mind that if you sit at the lathe, be sure to get a good thick shop apron and wear heavy pants!

This is most often a factory-supplied bench, though it was available for a time as a knocked down kit, and no doubt some users fabricated their own. Of the few that I've seen, they all seemed very similar, but they may have just been built from plans supplied by SB. Turk has generated a set of plans for a wooden lathe bench, based on an original South Bend design. I've seen some stout hall tables that gave me pause (When I look at furniture, I see them as possible mounting benches for a lathe.

It's designed as a makeup table, and it has a place for your feet, and drawers on both sides.

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