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Because of its function and positioning a hifi rack does catch some attention in a home environment. No radical solutions here but simple and elegant wooden work to hold a lot of gear, as low as possible.
Although the “off centre placement of the speaker” will get some getting used to initially, Musical Affairs chose this design solution after extensive testing demonstrating the best sound reproduction quality. Continuing on the basis of the design philosophy behind the Crescendo and the knowledge and experience gained from their development, Hans and his inner circle of audiophile friends experimented with the idea of combining the 20 cm H21LB15 SAG and 30 cm H30LB15 SAG broadband speakers. Bearing in mind that with audio equipment such as amplifiers, CD players and the like, vibrations should be avoided. At 14, the young Hans Kortenbach finally collected enough money to buy all necessary parts to build his own mono audio system.

The Guizu is wisely made of reinforced wood: no vibration or resonance and a warm modern look. Equipped with this knowledge, Hans started a second search resulting in the design of a sound box with very thin walls, made entirely from 4 mm solid wood, and with the necessary bracing similar to the bracing used in making guitars, violin, and cello. Whereas his speakers absorb all the resonance, Hans Kortenbach’s audio racks are really heavy.
So unlike Musical Affairs speakers which absorb resonance, Musical Affairs audio furniture are designed to virtually eliminate any vibration. This bold solution has the obvious advantage that no time is wasted for installing the rack. As such, the best way for you to audition these speakers is to either visit us or pay a visit to some of our customers graciously willing to host you.

After searching around, various experiments with different enclosure designs, discussions with Bernard, Hans came to the conclusion a resonant “folded baffle” enclosure should be the optimal solution. Take the Finite Elemente Spider I've already reviewed is an example of a radically different philosophy: packaging is kept to a minimum (and fully recyclable from the manufacturer), the rack requires some work to be put together but transport and storage are easy and inexpensive. Sitca spruce is the wood used for the sound boards in pianos, for guitars, violins, cellos and other stringed instruments.
The radical solution of the Finite Elemente Spider solves the problem by avoiding shelves altogether.

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