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Single to 3 phase converters (misnamed 3 phase transformers) provide three phase power from a single phase supply. Booster™ A three phase converters will supply a number and variety of loads at full performance.
Booster™ A12 three phase converter (0 to 12 kW = 0 to 16 HP), Weight 195 kg on pallet, overall dimensions 800 mm x 780 mm x 520 mm high including external motor.
Booster™ A16 three phase converter (0 to 16 kW = 0 to 21 HP), Weight 220 kg on pallet, overall dimensions 800 mm x 780 mm x 520 mm high including external motor.
Many properties are, for economic reasons, only connected to one of the three phases of utility power available at the nearest distribution transformer.
Booster™ phase converters are capable of starting many motors simultaneously, even under load.

The standard input voltage is 220-240V single-phase and the standard output voltage is 380-415V 3phase. While most electronics operate on single-phase power, it can be more efficient to install a 3-phase system in the data center. A 3-phase circuit combines three alternating currents of the same frequency, each 120 degrees out of phase with each other. While actual efficiency depends on the load-to-capacity ratio, the nominal ratio between the efficiencies is 1.5 in favor of 3-phase when comparing single- and 3-phase power. Whether you want to provide high-efficiency 3-phase battery backup, or you want to distribute 3-phase power to single-phase equipment, Tripp Lite has all the tools you need to protect, power and connect your 3-phase system. Ampair achieves the 3 phase power conversion using an internal motor-generator with 600% overload capability and no electromechanical contacts.

Due to the higher input currents during Boost mode, single phase supply cables to a Booster™ should be oversized. They can be compared with other single to three-phase converters available worldwide, except they electronically switch 600 % rated power for up to 10 seconds and need no maintenance because they have no electromechanical contacts. A single 3-phase Power Distribution Cabinet can power multiple racks, rather than having to install multiple single-phase circuits and incurring the labor and cabling costs that go with it. The power in a 3-phase power supply never drops to zero, but in single-phase the power falls to zero 3 times per cycle.

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