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Stairs Bookshelves: What started as a space-saving strategy turned into a centerpiece of this interior redesign. Color-Coded Books: This amazingly organized color-coded bookshelf arrangement is a great example of how not only bookcases but the books stored in them can be decorative. Bookcase Door: Besides one-off secret-room bookcase doors there are entire design firms and creative interior design lines dedicated to dual-functioning bookcases. Hanging Bookshelves: This book hanger system is designed with style and materials clearly in mind.
Bed Bookcase: While not everyone may find the results attractive the concept behind this convertible bed-and-bookcase design is an admiral start anyway. Invisible Bookshelf: If you really want to wow your guests an invisible shelf system might be just the solution. Invisible Bookshelf Stacks: While these shelves are quite visible when bare, once they are filled up they all but disappear.
Gravity Bookshelves: While this wonderful bookshelf system is not yet in production it is an excellent example of how a few well-chosen materials and a minimal number of cuts can go a long way. ThinkGeek has a floating bookshelf as well, and it has a little clip to hold the bottom book up, so you don’t have to waste space on a fake one.

So much creativity in utilizing space for books is a real proof that book readers can be more creative than TV watchers.
Hi, I found this site in the midst of my search for urban farming techniques, and this is AWESOME!
The Woodfold Bookcase Door System is designed to camouflage anything from a closet or a wine cellar to a wall safe or a private retreat.
This is definitely a simple solution and easily executed by one that provides great overflow space for anyone who finds it hard to throw old books away. As a space-saving device this would be a great way to keep an extra bed around and then let it blend into the background, wrapped around bookshelves, when not in use.
Talk about minimalist design: once your books are in place the support seems to disappear entirely. Someone submitted a 60-minute do-it-yourself bookcase design-and-construction process to Instructables worth checking out.
This apparently complex and visually compelling shape is held together entirely by gravity – a great example of modernist interior design principles of simplicity and structural honesty loosely translated into a far-from-simple form. I’m on the look out for a book shelf for my room but not sure if these would suit or not haha bit out there!

Shot from virtually any perspective the result is remarkably attractive and a good reminder that a lack of space can be a great design opportunity. His past experience as a comedy writer and carpenter seem like as good a background as any for someone creating these clever and humorous bookshelves and bookcases. Instead of an ungainly workaround they simple bookcased over the door and made a secret one instead. The overall aesthetic impression is one of fragility, reflecting the delicate nature of old books and running contrary to the traditional idea of bookshelves and bookcases as some of the heaviest objects in a room. However, since hidden grips hang onto the insides of your books you might want to use this solution primarily for throw-away paperbacks and magazines.
Sure, the joinery is pretty low-tech and the material is plywood but for a cheap shelving solution built from a single piece of ply in an hour the result is surprisingly sophisticated.

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