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We made one of these for our front entry hallway (and to hang stockings on, too!) last year! I’d fill all nail and screw holes, sand the whole thing with 150 grit, put on a coat of primer, sand again, and paint.
The ideal installation will allow you to install it with long wood screws in the exact location of the coat hooks.
You can just find your studs, screw the shelf to the wall in those locations (getting the strongest attachment to solid wood) and then just install the coat hooks over the screws. Alternatively, you can use adequately sized toggle bolts in the exact location of the coat hooks. I’m leaving the final installation open because you really need to be the judge of the strength of your wall, the weight of your shelf, the size of your mounting hardware, and the overall combination of everything. Those are really classy and cute coat hangers…and what a great, detailed, easy-to-follow explanation!

I will be using the molding as the top, I have my 2×10, and I am hoping a piece of molding to use on the bottom is just hanging around here. The easiest way to cut crown molding on the correct angle is to place it in the saw in the same position as it will finally be. We didn't have a closet in the foyer, so we needed something to hang our coats on during the cold months. I wanted to make a Christmas present for my wife, and a neighbor suggested making a thimble shelf. I couldnt remember who I got this shelf inspiration from as it was around x-mas and very hectic, but im so happy to tell you I made this and if you go to my blog in an older Nov post you will see it!!!
This way you can install the coat hooks when it is in place and cover your mounting screws.
Just counter-sink the bolt heads a little so that the coat-hook will fit over the top and cover the toggle bolt.

I saw this country plan in a book, and over the course of about 8 months, I finished this country coat rack. It works great at that length with six coat hooks and allows it all to be made with 8′ lumber. The plans called for wooden pegs, but I prefer the polished metal look for the hat and coat pegs. By the time I finished it, I was working in my shop, and I had clamps, a table saw, a planer, and router.
I have been told since that I should have wet the surface prior to planing, and that would have eliminated the chipping.

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