Sharpening jointer knives, balsa wood bridge building tips - Test Out

Categories: Wooden Work Bench | Author: admin 17.11.2013

Get professional results when sharpening planer and jointer knives - even works with disposable knives! Use the new 6" Deulen Jointer Knife sharpener to put a razor sharp edge on jointer and planer knives up to 8" long. Click here to read the WOOD Magazine review of this Planer & Jointer knife sharpening jig!
Use this technique and jig to put a razor-sharp edge on your chisels, plane irons, jointer knives, and lathe chisels.

The problem with sharpening disposable blades is that they are keyed and can't be adjusted to compensate for material lost in the sharpening process. The most difficult part of sharpening my blades (all of which were knicked and very dull) was flattening the back side.
I've sharpened 3 sets for the jointer and going to do 2-3 sets for the 13 inch planer after I finnish with the girls door.
There was some because my honing wasn't perfect but I found that the blade bevel is wide enough to do a pretty fair job, far better than a commercially sharpened blade and its not difficult with an 8" jointer knife.

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