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I have had quite a few readers recently ask me about my wood counters in my old house and if they were difficult to take care of.  I love that this kitchen was designed before my blogging days, but it still gets a lot of questions I haven’t officially answered in a post!
So today, I’m going to finally answer the most common reader questions about my wood counters.
Just like I did with The Truth About White Slipcovers post or How I Keep my Stainless Steel Appliances Clean, or Do I Have a Maid (and other questions about open shelving), I like to tell you about my own experiences so you can decide for yourself if you think something is too difficult, or worth having in your own home.
In other words, I loved my wood counters, like my stainless appliances and white slipcovers and even my open shelving, but they may not be the best choice for everyone. Disclaimer: Not all wood counters will be of the same quality or care level nor will your experience or necessary care be exactly like mine.
We were trying to get away with only doing what was necessary or gave us the most bang for our buck in our kitchen remodel.
The wood counters were custom made for us on site by our remodeling contractor with wood my husband selected from a lumber place near our home in Portland, Oregon. They were not stained at all, they were sealed with a few coats of Aqua Spar (a type of marine sealer) and that is it.
But secondly, we treated that counter like it was a fine piece of wood furniture or our own child.
But, before you think we were crazy to have wood counters, we felt it was worth the extra TLC because those counters made us happy every single day. I might also note here that this was the second kitchen where we had wood counters (and kids).
We let people of all ages eat and cook in our kitchen and we didn’t give them a list of rules for how to take care of the counters.

One time a couple of years after our kitchen was finished we did reapply the Aqua Spar (after a quick once over with some steel wool) to give it a fresh protective coat of sealer. I’d rather have a house full of things I adore and lovingly care for than a house of safe upholstery and indestructible surfaces that I really dislike, but chose because they hides all dirt and marks.
There are many kinds of marine oils and lacquers or varnishes available at any paint store and places like Home Depot paint department…It is often used for more than boats.
Decided that for my 1923 California Bungalow counter tops I will do these wood kitchen counters! Thank you Melissa, I have always admired wood counter tops, and have thought about them for my home, but I would want to break up the wood with another surface and my kitchen is not conducive for that. We have had wooden countertops for a number of years (made from 12 inch wide pine boards) and I love it, and we abuse it! Wood does not stand up well to knives, so unless you want the distressed look invest in some more cutting boards!
So we kept the existing tile floors and went with wood counters on our island and soapstone just on the counter around our stove. And I use white slipcovers and have stainless steel appliancs, and they take a little maintanence, but you are so smart to just give your opinion on the level of care and then let people decide for themselves. I think character is wonderful so no matter what end of the neatness spectrum you are on, if you can handle character, wood (or marble or soapstone!) is lovely!!! I love your wood counters but could never do the work involved in keeping them so beautiful… Thanks so much for the honest and realistic rundown on the care and maintenance. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, sign up for an email subscription to my blog, follow me on Twitter, or follow my Facebook page!

You can see in the above picture we used my grandma’s doilies under some of our accessories before doilies for decor became chic again! Yes, it was a bit risky to have beautiful wood counters like that in a busy family kitchen.
It is fun to learn how others deal with choices so we can make informed choices for ourselves. You always are so helpful with information that is practical and honest, thank you for that, Have a great week. This week, we’re coming back down to earth and learning about counter tops for those who might not want to invest quite so much.
Our wood counter is really narrow and under a bank of cupboards, so we use it mainly to hold the cake plate full of cookies and a teapot. I thought of my counters like a wood table, we didn’t eat or set food directly on the counter.
The key is deciding to use the right type of wood (teak, for example, is very water resistant) and the right type of sealer. Generally, homeowners with wood counter tops love them, so do your research and see if you’ll love them, too! But, we taught our kids about setting dirty or wet dishes in the sink, dishwasher, or on a place mat rather than directly on the wood.

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