Saw dust collectors woodworking, how to build a model wooden boat from scratch - Review

Categories: Wooden Work Bench | Author: admin 16.01.2014

Two of our favorite topics in the WOOD® magazine shop are dust collection and safety, and this nifty apparatus combines both. If you like this project, please check out our 230+ paper and downloadable woodworking project plans at the WOOD Store. To choose a dust collector that will handle your shop's future requirements, you first need to know which tool in your shop (or on your shopping list) needs the greatest airflow to pull away dust and chips.

Before shopping for a dust-collection system, familiarize yourself with a few of the common terms you'll encounter during your search. These basic calculations will tell you what flow capacity you need, what size ductwork that calls for, and how much static pressure loss your dust collector must overcome to work effectively.

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