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These plans have been sitting on my computer for weeks, waiting patiently for me get pictures of my sand box to accompany them. The roof on this deluxe sandbox will help keep the play area free of leaves, twigs and water. A few weeks ago, I took the kids to the beach for a few days and when we came back, Ryan surprised us with this awesome sandbox.
Plus, this meant the cover could rest against the fence rather than having to be stored somewhere else on the patio while the sandbox is in use. Even though I showed you a few extra bags of play sand that we had sitting around from last year, I still bought about 15 more because I knew it would take a lot to fill it up and give a decent amount depth for Clara to really get her dig on.
Pssst- To read The Sandbox Chronicles in their entirety, here’s Part 1 (about building the base of the box) and Part 3 (about swapping what we found out was unsafe sand for pea gravel).

Haha, there were a few instances of wanting to put the sand in other places, but thankfully some reminders that it stays in the box seemed to have worked.
I found it easier to attach the hinge to the seat (on the side opposite the arm rests) and THEN attach it to the screwed-in plank.
The location is perfect for letting her play in a contained area (the patio is fully fenced in) while allowing us to sit outside and try to get some work done in a nearby chair.
Both wood and sand really add up quickly, but after looking up other wood sandboxes (many which didn’t even come with a cover and were $180 or more, like this one from Target) I felt a lot better. My dad built me a sand box as a kid and I remember spending hours playing in it with my brother! Plus since it’s right off of our patio we wanted it to look clean and finished and not like a plank of wood tossed haphazardly over a box.

So when the sandbox cover is open and locked in this position, it’s not going anywhere. If you are planning on adding rope, pre-drill through the 2 x 4 completely, between the 1 x 4s and at the bottom of the "inner" 1 x 4 (the one closer to the overhanging 2 x 4).

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