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Before we start, let me give you a small explanation what came over me to give this project a go.
I knew how I wanted my saddle to look like when it was finished, but that vision did not necessarily correlate with the reality of my abilities. Rochendilwen - I only have access to factory saddles here and those are primarily shaped for quarter horse backs.
We don't really have a market for custom saddlery here, so if you don't have a fitting horse, you either ride it with a less than optimal saddle or you ride english (or whatever else might fit on it).
I opted for a handmade saddle tree, because if I was going to blow all my money on this, then I wanted to do it the right way. Since bending wires, taking molds of the back and all those homemade recipes had an incredulous rate of butchering the accuracy of the results I dug into my wallet and got myself a standardized measuring system from the other end of the world.

Then you put on the metal strainer plate (or, if you aren't a cheater like me, you build up your groundseat from leather only). I've made the experience that a treeless saddle is not a good plan on a horse with even the hint of withers. Now that the saddle tree is on your horse's back I can see what you mean about the difference in shape. I also built a drawdown stand, which is something you need to shape your saddle on – and which also serves as your main working area.
I was really frustrated because I failed before I even started and my work looked like a five year old had done it using his toes instead of his fingers. Designing them was a challenge for a complete noob like me and I ended up taking reference with an old western saddle I owned.

But they have to be completely symmetrical or the saddle will later not lay on the horse as it should and you can basically throw everything away.
We finally got a synthetic all-purpose saddle that fit her well and it's the only one we ever use on her. The fork will be carved and stamped at a later time, when the lower border is set by the seat.
I do prefer western myself, and had this little kids synthetic saddle I could fit on her but I outgrew it LOL.

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