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I used a 50 quart Igloo cooler for this project and dry fit the slats to see how many I’d need to cut.
Now measure the height of the cooler and figure out how many slats you need – in my case it was 6 slats for each side for a total of 12 slats.
You’ll want enough slats to cover the entire height of the cooler plus an extra 4 to 5 inches. Apply wood glue to the legs, position the slats between the legs, pre-drill two holes on each side of the slats, and screw the slats to the legs. Cut one front slat to size and dry fit it between the two sides to check the cooler will fit. This is a great project for Father’s Day – and perfect for a novice woodworker! I’m also keen to have a go at the cool cooler – maybe the landscapers fitting the pool next door may have some spare pallets for me! Measure the width, height and depth of your cooler, and determine the height you want it to be.

We’ve thought about it, but are holding off on final details until after we move into our new place.
Well, most coolers come with an attachment built in, so we just applied a little teflon tape around the spigot and coupling for traction, and screwed it on in there. You can see I changed it up a little by using 2 x 6 boards for the shelf the cooler sits on.
This is a small aesthetic preference but will affect the look of the cooler once it’s finished.
Add wood glue, pre-drill two holes on each side of the slats and screw them to the legs just like you did with the sides. You need to add trim to the very top of the cooler, to hide the rim where the cooler meets the wood.
A rather simple tutorial on how to create your very own affordable rustic cooler from recycled materials.
I’d still like to decorate it a little bit, and maybe find some really rustic looking castors for it.

Cut those slats to size and attach them to the cooler frame like you did in the previous step.
The Husbane also plans to attach an antler shed to the top as a handle, but didn’t have time to finish it before he had to go work out of town. So, if your cooler is 15 inches tall, place the lower support at 16.5 inches below the top. I really love a lot of the rustic decor you can get at places like Tractor Supply and Hobby Lobby. Build a similar cooler with storage underneath and shelves elevated above the lid and use the lid as a work surface.

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