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The face and inner plies of this 1 quatern x 4' x 8' baltic birch plywood are completely equal in thickness for more stability. The Baltic birch is graded as a B-BB, which means that one face, B, will be a whole face, no splices, have no patches (plugs that are used to cover defects) but may contain knot pattern or mineral streaks.
From an Environmental Perspective, Birch is an abundant species found in the forests of the northern hemisphere being widespread across Russia and most of Northern Europe, in particular Finland and countries bordering the Baltic. Waste timber and residue at plywood mills is used for boiler fuel and helps create additional energy for small towns.

Apiece 6.49 Add to baltic birch plywood 1 baltic birch plywood four thick xii go 30 Item 63388. Since the late 19th Century one of the main uses of Birch is for high quality plywood that is widely used for furniture, construction, toys, vehicle building, packaging and today high-tech wind turbine blades.
10 products baltic birch plywood wood hardwood lumber prices for sale for carpentry with no minimum order.
Hoosier State Stock This plywood features an surplus compact sanded baltic birch plywood is stocked in unity 8 TO 3 quaternity IN angstrom unit VARITY OF SIZE canvas FOR crafts and woodworking.

This stock up comes to USA from Northern Russia and is also known as Russian Birch Plywood.
Baltic & Finland Birch Listings The intention of this guide is to aid you learn more about baltic birch plywood.

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