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However, the above analysis mainly applies to players who are only interested in gaining Woodcutting experience. Woodcutting (often abbreviated as WC or WCing) is a skill that involves chopping down different types of trees and vegetation. The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at approximately rank 1,354,316) on the hiscores for Woodcutting is level 15. In order to chop a tree, a player will need to have a hatchet of a level they can use (previously known as an axe, but was changed in 2009 to help distinguish between battleaxes, pickaxes and Woodcutting axes). To chop down a given variety of tree, players will need a certain Woodcutting level and a hatchet which they are able to use.
Trees are easy to find, as they are located all throughout RuneScape (the exceptions to this are Morytania, Karamja and the Wilderness, where many of the trees cannot be chopped down, only examined). All over the place I see that what people think they know about woodcutting is a lot less than what they actually know about woodcutting.
Read on for a look at all the types of tree you can find in Runescape, from achey to yew, and explanations of where, how, why, and whether to chop them.
Contrary to popular belief, willows are NOT the fastest woodcutting experience in the game.
But, I know some of you are probably going to ignore me and chop them anyway, so for those of you, the best place to chop willows is in Rimmington.
Yews are a well-known and popular tree to chop, and widely regarded as the best training method for players who are in it for the money. If you sleep all night and you work all day, enjoy getting bonus experience, and you don't mind wearing something previously worn by a rotting undead corpse that crawled out of a swamp, lumberjack clothing is for you! It requires 44 woodcutting to wear, and each piece adds a small amount of woodcutting experience to each log you chop.
Nail beasts are worth fighting because they drop rare and valuable talon beast charms, which are the best charm in the game. I might also point out that you make faster money Trekking than you'll ever make actually woodcutting. A: Only if you're not a member, not 61 woodcutting, or if you're willing to spend an extra 50 hours or so to 99.
A: It's a combination dragon hatchet and rune pickaxe that frequently incinerates logs as you chop them, giving you the full woodcutting and firemaking experience for the log.
A: Typically when a new update comes out involving woodcutting, I'll try it out, decide how good it is, make a post about it at the end of the thread, and then not update the actual guide for a long period of time.
As of 15 September 2015, there are 159,801 current members that have achieved level 99 in Woodcutting.

If you got 99 woodcutting with willows (which, again, is not a good method), you could expect to spend roughly 260 hours, with about 3.4m profit in logs, plus some more in nests. See, there's a small amount of lag built into woodcutting that creates a minimum time between the chopping of two logs, presumably so you can't get two logs at once. At best, mahoganies will be the same firemaking experience if you chop and burn, but less woodcutting experience.
Most players aren't even aware of its existence, and yet it's actually among the best training methods out there. It features the highest concentration of yew trees in Runescape, with a whopping 7 spawns, and it's close to a bank. Then again, I guess they are the best cash you're ever likely to get from woodcutting, so if you want to chop them for recreational purposes, go right ahead. It also felt good having all the absolute best gear when I was going for 99 woodcutting--it kept me motivated. Assuming you play 3 hours a day, you're looking at probably at least 9 weeks of woodcutting. You need to have 92 firemaking and light all 14 beacons from All Fired Up to get one, and it lets you get faster woodcutting experience. This includes experience gained from chopping ivy, obtaining lumber from a Woodcutting skill plot, and cutting boards for jobs at the sawmill.
Some other players find training Woodcutting to be tedious, so acquiring Lumberjack clothing helps them gain Woodcutting experience on the occasions where they need to train it (such as levelling up to qualify for a quest).
For each type of tree, a minimum Woodcutting level is required and a hatchet is required to cut it. So I thought I would use my superpowers of research, math, grammar, and 99 woodcutting to educate the masses on the best, worst, and mediocrest ways to train themselves in the art of deforestation. Cursed magic logs require a higher woodcutting level than regular ones, and you get more experience for cutting them. Jagex owns Runescape, not me, but I do claim ownership of this particular piece I have written about it. With an estimated 80,000 experience per hour by chopping ivy, the Lumberjack clothing can save eight hours of woodcutting. However, I really don't recommend chopping and burning willows, because chopping and burning teaks is faster both in woodcutting and firemaking experience. You shouldn't use more than 4 charges of your bracelet per hour, but it's best to have multiples so you can slack off on recharging.

And bringing the weakest follower gives you the best rewards for trekking, as well as increasing the number of monsters you fight against.
In fact, it's basically paying you to let it give you a +2 woodcutting for a little more than half an hour. Additionally, for every improvement in hatchet used, from bronze to crystal, one's Woodcutting speed increases.
But free players should take note that chopping and burning willows (in the Port Sarim spot probably) is a great way to train woodcutting and firemaking together while avoiding the crowds in the more popular spots. Well, instead of banking them, you can burn them on the spot, and train your firemaking while you're at it! In fact, this is the best combination of woodcutting and firemaking experience you'll get from any log.
Don't go getting all excited about the big profits you're gonna make with 99 woodcutting, because they're a myth, a sham, and a load of hooey. Hence, some players regard the lumberjack clothing as worthwhile only for aesthetic purposes, unless the goal is to gain very high Woodcutting experience (for example, 200,000,000). Woodcutting is one of the easiest skills to get level 99 in due to Ivy and Sawmill training for pay to play users. And unless you're pretty rich, it's more efficient than getting 99 woodcutting on some other tree and getting 99 firemaking later with maples.
The Inferno Adze requires level 92 Firemaking and level 61 Woodcutting to use, but only requires level 1 Attack to wield.
If you plan on training both skills to 99 anyway, this is almost definitely your best method. If you like Stealing Creation, then 80 woodcutting is required to collect class 5 clay from the highest-level trees. Lastly, if you care about self-sufficiency, woodcutting can get you logs for training firemaking and fletching. Personally, I prefer the terrorbird for woodcutting.Fruit bats (69 summoning) don't give a particular boost to woodcutting, but they're probably the most profitable foraging familiar out there.

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