Router table dust, how to build wood patio - Try Out

Categories: Wood Work Table Plans | Author: admin 13.10.2014

I plan to write an article on the entire router table construction for my website in the near future. I am just using a shop vac with a mini cyclone on it and that also works very well on the router.
I could not find any photos of my dust collector setup, but I use a PC 890, with a dust shield and through the handle collection for half of it, and then just a Woodcraft attachment to the back of the fence.

When we turn the router upside down and install into a cabinet unit, we in turn, make the air to cool the motor come in from the bottom.
This allows fresh air to come in past the router catch the chips at the top and out the side. I still do get large chips in the box but I don't get the dust that I was getting with the old system of just having the DC in the box.

I was surprised how well it works without the router being in closed.It really takes care of all of the dust,just some bigger pieces fall down below.

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