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Making deep cuts in a single pass runs the risk of chipping the board and marring the finished profile.
Fasten a support board to the bench to stabilize the router and a stop board to secure it so you don't need clamps. Cut only on the right side of the jig and push the router away from you; the turning direction of the router bit will pull the router base against the jig. Start by tightening the bit into the router, mounting the router in the base and adjusting the height of the bit.
To avoid burn marks from the router bit, feed the board at a steady rate without stopping. Shaping end grain with a router table and square push block (Photo 2) has three advantages over end-grain routing with a handheld router.

Move the work piece away from the pivot while maintaining moderate pressure against the router bit bearing.
The keys to routing clean edges are using a sharp bit and running the router in a counterclockwise direction around the top of the workpiece. If the wood burns, sneak up on the final cut depth by making three consecutively deeper cuts (see photos, below). Clamps get in the way of the router and it's hard to keep the base from rocking on the narrow surface.
If you rout on the left side of the jig, the router will tend to wander away from the jig and you'll wind up with a run-amuck dado.
And finally, the push block backs up the cut to eliminate the chipping and tear-out commonly associated with end-grain routing.

Start freehand routing against piloted bits (bits with bearing guides) by pivoting the board into the bit.
That way, the bit pushes the router toward you rather than pulling it away, so it's easier to control and safer. But if you're edge-routing the inside of something, like a picture frame, rout in a clockwise direction.
That gives the router a wider surface to rest on, eliminating any rocking, and forces the workpiece against the support board and the stop, so it doesn't need clamps.

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