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The construction of a roll-top desk is a advanced woodworking project and should not be undertaken as a first project.
Woodware Design's version is a low-stress roll-top computer desk similar to ones used in the 1930's to include a large manual typewriter (seen in several motion pictures of the period). A number of variations on the basic design are possible and tambours come in two widths, 50 inches and 60 inches. It is possible to build a classic double curve roll-top computer desk, but this variation on the design can only be used with flat screen monitors or lap-top computers. This design includes twelve detailed sketches that are critical to your successfully building this desk.
If you wish to push the desk right flat against a wall, you may cut out the toe molding down low and route out access opening for AC outlets in the back of the lower cabinets.
The top view shows top section with its shelf and desk top, the keyboard level with the desk top removed, and part of a base with the keyboard tray level removed. The two cable grommets in the top let you place electronic devices like speakers or a lamp on this wide shelf. The Top Shelf is made from .75 inch thick hardwood edge glued with either tung and grove or biscuits. If you wish the desk to sit absolutely flat against a wall and you need to get at AC outlets or phone jacks along that wall, you can route out the two openings shown.
If you will using the desk against a wall, you may add only a 1 inch hardwood strip to the bottom of plywood. Equipment Space -- Go over all the computer equipment you wish to support with this desk and determine if it will fit in this desk. Double Curve -- It is possible to build a double curve roll-top computer desk, but this variation on the design can only be used with flat screen monitors or lap-top computers. Choice of Tambour -- This desk was designed for a canvas backed tambour 50 inches wide and 27 inches long requiring a .5 inch track. AC Outlet Access -- If you are going to use the desk a against a wall, you may want to route out holes in the back for access to AC outlets on the wall(see sketches #2 and #5). Pigeon Holes -- A internal wooden structure with pigeon holes and often a small drawer are a standard part of classic roll-top desk design. The Desk Top is attached to the base (and the top section to attached to it) primarily with special hardware called Desk Top Fasteners.
The desk base is two boxes each with have two panel sides, and a panel door, they fit into one plywood back, and have an internal plywood sliding shelf.
The tambour has to be fitted and installed to the top assembly before it is attached to the back.
Polyurethane can be used and produces a tough but thin plastic coating that can crack with long use.

Detailed cabling instructions and plans for a remote power switch are given in our Web page under More Freebies. If you send us a picture of your finished desk, we would be happy to put it on our Web page.
For your authority Develop vitamin A desk utilizing the plosive consonant food grain of plywood and as well following this tutorial.
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The keyboard and mouse are mounted on a pullout tray so that the desk can be narrow enough to be carried through most residential room doors.
Working from this width, our standard version of the roll-top desk is 53 inches wide and our wide version at 63 inches has more leg space. You may look at as many plans as you like, but when you start to build please pay for the plans you use.
The printer and computer are in base cabinets, the keyboard is on a pullout tray, and the monitor is behind the tambour in the top section.
The top section is attached to the desk top itself with Desk Top Fasteners that allow some expansion of the wood.
If the estimate and degree of difficulty looks difficult to you, consider some of our other desk designs. If you are placing the desk against a way, you can add a one inch hardwood strip and leave a open space for the floor mouldings. These were very important when the desk was used for organizing personal or business corespondent. You can reduce this problem but being very careful when gluing up wooden flats like the Desk Top and Top Shelf. You need to let in its hinges and route out a recess for the door handle so that the door can open all the way until it is flat against the Desk Top.
You will probably want to finish the inside of the tambour and all the pieces of the top section before final installation of this section.
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Tambours are difficult to make but they are now available from speciality mail order houses, like Rockler, so this type of desk can be made by home crafts people. At 29 inches maximum width, the entire desk can be carried through all the room doors of most houses.
The cable tray strengthens the base of the desk and provides a space for cables to be tie wrapped out of sight. To build the desk as shown requires the use of a radial-arm or table saw, router, biscuit cutter, and common hand tools.
If you are going to have the desk away from the wall you may want to add a full width strip or a back toe rail. For a computer desk this is less important, there are fewer envelopes, more 8.5 by 11 inch flat paper, and more electronic equipment.
The bottom boxes attach to the top with six Desk Top Fasteners and back with glue and finishing nails (or screws) drilled through the plywood back. Eyelets for the springs should be about 1 inch down the door and far enough back on Desk Top to apply only gentle pressure.
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American Samoa ideas on Desks frame woodworking plans corner desk group A workweek innermost amp. If this these do not match, drop us an e-mail and we will scale a plans to suit your exact needs. The two small fill pieces of wood at the back can be made into the Desk Top or added after the top is attached to the back. Install the screw blocks but be sure the top short screw blocks do not interfere with the tambour track. Speaker or lamp cables can be passed from the top shelf, through the cable grommets, down the cable dadoes in the back (behind the tambour), and through notches in the desk top to reach the cable tray. If you plan to get a larger monitor soon, you should take some measurements at a local computer store of possible choices.
Even if you want a natural oak color, it is best to stain the desk with natural oak stain just to make all the wood uniform in color.
If you want to place something else beside the keyboard (pencil box, telephone, etc.) then its silhouette must include that too.

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