Record hand tools plane, built in wall bunk bed plans - How to Do

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The smoother, try and jack planes are all the same basic layout, they share the same components (when from the same manufacturer) only the length of the body casting changes in my experience.
The pattern of jointer and jack planes like the one above all seem to derive from the original Bailey design that originated in the mid 19th. The rebate plane above is rarely used to actually make rebates, at least mine wasn't, but it is used much as a smoothing plane is to clean up and remove machine marks on rebates that are seen. The Bullnose Plane is used for tidying up rebates right into the corners where the standard rebate plane can not reach. As a builder or general contractor I have always tended to treat tools as a means to an end.

However if I was setting up a permanent workshop again I would buy two or three Stanley plane.
If you didn't find exactly what you are looking for try this search tool that will search the site and the web. Around about 1930 Stanley's world wide patents expired and allowed manufacturers like the British Record company to more or less make the same planes. This is a steel bodied plane with rosewood infills, with a really solid plane iron and cap iron.
Planes that have broken or have a crack at the mouth can not be fixed by electric stick welding.

To me getting the job done and moving on to the next job was the point so good trade quality tools like the Stanley above were suitable. It is a credit to that design that with all our modern materials and our penchant for new and better innovations that the basic steel woodworking plane has remained unchanged for 150 years. Still I guess there is no real drive for change as hand tools of all sorts are being superseded by power tools.

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