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A rabbet is cut along an end or edge of a board or panel for another piece of wood to fit into. The rabbet cut may be as deep as the width of the mating piece and up to one-half the piece's depth.
On a table saw, cut the rabbet's width (shoulder cut) with the piece flat on the table and against the rip fence.
A rabbet joint is a great way of joining two boards at right angles, such as for the corners of a box, if some attention is paid to the arrangement of the boards.

One of the realities of working with wood is that grain direction makes a difference when deciding which joint to use to bring two boards together. If your project involves two boards coming together with long grain matching up to long grain, as seen in the left side of the diagram, then a rabbet joint is perfect for this situation.
If your joint has the grain wrapping around it, like on the right side of the diagram, then you should consider a different joint, like a box joint or a dovetail joint. A rabbet joint involves one board fitting into a recess at the edge of the second board that is sized to the width of the first board.

These joints work well in this case since the sides of the interlocking portions of the joints create small long grain to long grain glue surfaces.

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