Queen bed platform diy, best woodworking shop design - Plans Download

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How to build a platform bed, deck, or poolside lounger for, For under $30.00, low-waste, a few tools, and an hour or two, you can build it. I finished the entire bed with Rust-Oleum Premium Wood stain in Dark Walnut, and put a coat of Rust-Oleum Ultimate Polyurethane with Soft Touch… Love this stuff!
We were able to assemble the whole thing and move it in one piece because it is a queen and we could turn it on it’s side through the door frames.

They were under $6 a piece and really are the focal point of this bed in my opinion… So cute!
My father is a warehouse manager for a constructon (interior and exterior acoustic designs) and the owner of the company said he may put my bedroom in the new brochure once the bed is complete.

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