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A simple, sturdy bike rack can help you clear up that jumble of two-wheelers in your garage or scattered around your yard. For less than $50 in PVC—and armed only with pipe cement and a handsaw—you can build a DIY bike rack identical to the one shown above. To make this rack, you won’t have to look any further than your basement or garage workshop, if you keep a stash of scrap wood in either locale.
Where floor space is limited, here’s a compact and cool-looking—and yes, somewhat quirky—DIY bike rack idea, perfect for those who love, love, love bikes. The rack has had some pipe cracked for about a year and a half, but it still holds the bike.

Try one of these DIY bike racks, and you'll have everything stored and tidied up this weekend. America’s love affair with bikes began in the 1800s, and that relationship continues to evolve today. Detach the curved handlebars from a vintage racing bike (available online, in thrift stores, or from repair shops) and mount them to the wall with a metal flange.
I built one for my garage, but straight the bikes stuck out too far so I zig zagged it to put the bikes on an angle - works great now.
I have seen numerous pvc stand threads,but none say if they are capable of fitting a 29er tire in them.

Lean the pallet against a wall, whether in your garage or in the garden, and poof—problem solved.

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