Portable wood band saw, wood powered cars plans - How to Do

Categories: Wooden Work Bench | Author: admin 30.10.2013

Surprisingly it can cut a pretty tight radius in wood (It is actually a metal saw) with ease. When I'm done with it, just brush it off, pick it up with one hand and under the workbench it goes.I have seen a couple similar saws on the market but they are pretty cheap and "Not as cool",Milwaukee makes great machinery.

And it cuts effortlessly.The blade speed is actually pretty slow compared to a table band saw which is great because it doesn't tend tograb things from you and throw them.
Anyone practicingwelding knows it is a pain to cut like 4" sections of band iron into plates to practice with, seriously,this thing just cut each piece of 1" band iron in approximately 4 seconds each .

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