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Several readers have asked about the sawhorses that my new benchtop is temporarily sitting on. Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press. So I’m always eager to learn about Japanese woodworking from people who have studied and practiced it in Japan.
Stanley completed the furniture program at the premier North Bennett Street School as a very young man and then went off to Japan to study the traditional lacquering and woodworking trades. The bench consists of two trestle-style sawhorses that are topped with one massive slab of a top.

Harrelson Stanley demonstrates how the notch in the top is used to true a plane’s sole. Another interesting feature of the benchtop is a triangular notch cut into the slab up near the planing stop.
We’ve had two pairs of these in the shop for about 14 years and featured them in a one-page article in the March 1997 issue of Popular Woodworking.
Except for the teak planing stop, all the bench’s parts are made using Port Orford Cedar, Stanley says, a durable and strong member of the cypress family that grows in the Pacific Northwest. This notch holds Japanese planes with their soles facing up so the craftsman can dress the tool’s wooden sole with another plane.

Typically, the Japanese woodworker would place a thin board across the two trestles and place the tools he or she needed on that board.

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