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For the letters, I had initially bought black letters thinking that it would make this project look more modern, but when I added them to the collage, it looked a little too somber with all the black, so I painted them with a vanilla white craft paint and topped it with "sugar cube" glitter paint from Martha Stewart. Monogrammed wooden or cardboard letters from craft store - you can spell out anything you want.
Okay, back to the project - Find the center of your plywood and lay out the letters, spacing them evenly in a way that looks good to you. We went to the craft store (they love that place!) and they picked out the ribbon and trim themselves. As I mentioned above, I initially bought black letters because I thought that would give it a more modern look, but changed my mind and painted them AFTER I glued them on, so I had to be really careful about painting the letters to avoid paint splatters on the collage. You can see in picture #1 below that I found the center with a ruler, marked it with a pencil, and placed the O smack dab in the center, then spaced the other letters from that.

I wasn't exact, and as a matter of fact, it looked better to overlap the pictures inside the lines a little so you don't see raw board peeking through once you put your letters on. Since you probably covered up a lot of your lines, just play around with the letters until they look right and hot glue them right onto the board. This project wasn't expensive since I had some of the supplies already on hand, so for the cost of the letters (used my Hobby Lobby coupon!), plywood, trim, and bow, we now have something we can hang each year during the holidays that reminds of Christmases past. Just don't put Great Aunt Sue's head inside the letter so it appears that there is a body without a head in your collage. If you notice some plywood peeking through even after you put your letters on, you might want to take a black sharpie and cover that up. Next, I traced the letters onto the plywood just to give me a reference of where they would be.

The black disappears into the background with all the other pictures, but the plywood color kind of sticks out. We actually considered putting white polka dots on the letters to brighten it up (you can see one on the Y), but it was really busy with all the pictures and I ended up painting them white instead.
Here's a close up of the glittered up letter since you really can't see the effect on the large pic.

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