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Having a sophisticated wine rack at the dining area or kitchen gives your interiors a more organized look.
Transform some old wooden pallets into an attractive wine rack for displaying your vintage collection of wines. Ideal for keeping large-sized bottles, this wall-mounted wine rack can fit comfortably either in your living room or kitchen. The small pieces of aluminum pipes inserted into the wooden rack hold your wine bottles in place. Why rush to the kitchen for grabbing a wine glass when you have this rustic wine rack with glass holders. Perfect for storing a large variety of wines, this gigantic wine holder functions as a personalized bar that gives you the liberty to access your favorite drink in the comfort of your home.
Another interesting wine storage idea using PVC pipes that adds a modern accent to your decor. This pigeon hole-styled wine rack has a high storage capacity for holding and showcasing a dizzying array of wine bottles. One of the advantages of building a rectangular wine holder with large bottle holes is that you can fix it on the wall either vertically or horizontally.
Make the best use of an empty cabinet in your kitchen by building a lattice rack with a diamond pattern. Although this looks like a store-bought wine rack, your friends will be awestruck when they come to know that it is built by you using recycled barn wood and pallets. You don’t need complicated tools to create these stylish wine racks that boast of simple designs and sufficient storage space. Today I was going to make a wine rack using reclaimed pallets, but after seeing all the amazing ways to use pallets to make a wine rack - I'm taking the day off. A simple search revealed so many different options for making a wine rack using wood pallets, from plain and simple, to fancy wine racks that even allow you to hang your wine glasses. Most of the pallet wine racks that I came across are fairly simple in design, and each one has its own extra touches here and there.

If you really want to bring out the grain in the wood for your wine rack, use a Dremel VersaFlame (blowtorch) to lightly burn the grain, as we did with our rustic cupcake stand. With your pallets in hand, before you start crafting your wine rack, put on your thinking cap and design a wine rack that will look good on a wall in your home. If you are looking for a fun and easy project to tackle I’d highly recommend building a pallet wine rack. Add your two spacers to the bottom of your piece like seen below The spacers are 3 inches wide and provide space to slide in the bottom of the wine glasses.
We used a stud finder to determine where the studs were and simply used screws to attach the rack to the wall on the studs which were 16 inches on center.
People who often intake hard drinks would want a perfect place for it at their home so that they can easily access it.
While you may prefer mounting the rack on the wall, some wine enthusiasts love floor-standing shelves for keeping a larger stock of wines.
If there is an empty space below the kitchen countertop, you can use it as a free-standing rack. Apart from adding a classy touch to your cooking area, it facilitates convenient storage of wine bottles.
So it is time to put your basic carpentry skills to the best use by constructing an extraordinary wine holder with all the reclaimed wooden stuff lying in your basement for ages. If you plan to make your own wine rack, whether using PAR pine or reclaimed wood pallets, make one that you would like to see hanging on the wall in your home. Some prefer to leave their wine racks au naturelle, others add a limewash finish or stain in a dark wood colour before applying varnish. We got an inkling for a project this weekend and thought about how cool a wine rack made out of an old pallet would be. Below is a photo of a pallet we found behind a local hardware store in our home town of Bozeman, Montana.
My husband is fond of drinking on weekends so I decided to make a pallet wine rack for the wine bottles and also to hang the glasses with it.

I sandpaper the rack because the reclaimed re-purposed pallet would have stains on it so in order for it to get smooth I decided not to paint it but to keep it natural. If you do not like the idea of hopping from one store to another for buying a wine rack then build a contemporary one at home for a lesser cost. There are no rules here and you can stain, varnish or paint a wine rack to fit in with your existing decor. Wine bottles should be stored so that the sediment in the wine bottle settles at the side or base of the bottle, and not where the cork is! It is a good idea to ask the manager in the store prior to taking any pallets in case they are still using them. I hanged the rack in my living room in the corner wall and placed all the wine bottles in it.
The following homemade wine rack plans will come in handy to create an outstanding and functional wine holder, making your DIY project a huge success.
In the photo below we are experimenting with spacing to decide how big to create the wine rack. It looks perfect and simple, my husband is happy because now whenever he wants to drink, everything is at one place which he can access easily. Within a half hour  we found a great looking pallet and were on our way to starting the project. Retail stores get shipments in on pallets frequently and are usually happy to give away their extra pallets. I gathered some pallet slabs and joined them together by making the design as a shelf covering the front so that the bottles get a support.

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