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Sand the side of the Table Top to remove any roughness or unevenness from sawing using a belt sander. Apply a thin coat of polyurethane to the top side and edge of the table top, and to all sides of the rail. Once the vinyl is wrapped around the outside and stapled in place, take the utility knife and run it down inside edge of the rail and remove all of the excess vinyl.
There are also many additional items and features that could be added into the table to make it even better in the look or in the functionality.
If you prefer to stain you table, you may want to substitute for a different species of wood.

The table top will be 1 piece and the rail will consist of 3 pieces (top, middle and bottom). The vinyl we have for sale at this site stretches very nicely making this part a little easier. There would be no such plans or blueprints to buy in building a great homemade poker table that you can later use it to spend time together with families or friends.
There would be oval, round, octagon, and even elliptical shape of the poker table that you could build.
Drill 10 countersink pilot holes for each leg mount board; 3 holes on each side and 4 on the end.

You can simply get yourself over the internet to browse for the free plans, blueprints, or guides to get it done right away.

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