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It is very important to get permission from the local authorities whether you can build a garage or not. Once the ground is leveled and you are exactly aware of how to build a garage foundation the external portion of the building should be planned and accordingly framed with wood. The wooden frames need to be fortified internally and for that the tabs of the base should all be installed in the same direction.
Depending upon the size of the building, wherever the dry piers are lying the entire area should be made conducive to exterior form board. Once the frame is completely lifted upwards, the steel frames are adjusted as per the angle of the frame and bolted in that place.

These would be ideal for parking two cars and an old steel beam can be used as the header board.
If roofing is becoming a bit tough or cumbersome, a simple sheet can be brought and put up in the place.
Once the proper roofing is completed, the roofing paper has to be correctly installed which will be a good cover for the roofing. Once you are aware about this process of how to build a garage go ahead and adopt this procedure and build a wonderful garage for yourself. Depending upon the type of the garage and its size, the electrical connections should be taken care of and arrangements should be made to procure them.

Of course while doing all that it is very important to know and consider the cost of building a garage.
The snow, the roof and the wind ratings are equally important factors needed to be kept in mind while the garage is being built.

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