Plans for a wooden go kart frame, sawmill creek apartments - Review

Categories: Woodworking Shelf Plans | Author: admin 30.01.2012

I recently recieved a comment from Jason with a link to his website where he has put details of making a very cool wooden go-kart. If you can get some old bicycle parts and an old engine from a lawnmower or similiar you can make the kart very cheaply.
Ask friends and neighbours for any old bicycle parts or wheels or machines from which to make the kart.

I get a lot of emails asking how to implement a pedal drive for the wooden-go-karts listed here.
Estimate cost: $60 for the engine, $27 for the sprocket, $35 for the clutch, $33 for the rear wheels, $ 33 for the front wheels, $15 for nuts and zero cost for wood if you chop it from a tree. The pieces of 2 by 20 by inch of wood are stood up against the main frame, as a substitute for the brakes.

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