Plane tool, sikkens opaque wood stain - For Begninners

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The scrub plane is the tool of choice for major stock removal, the first step when flattening rough stock by hand. In an ideal world, every joint would fit perfectly the first time, and there’d be little use for a plane like this.
Designed for one-handed use, this small scraping plane has an articulating palm rest for comfortable, controlled grip.
Edge-trimming planes are used for final trimming cuts on jointed boards to ensure smooth edges at exactly 90° to the face, and for working end grain.

However, neither model is exclusively for left- or right-handed users, as the planes are in fact complementary. This tool gives you the precise depth control of a router plane but with a long, narrow sole for good registration on door edges and other narrow workpieces. Made from ductile cast iron with an O1 tool steel blade, the plane measures 8" (203 mm) long overall and weighs 1 lb 9 oz (580 g). Typically made using a special inverted plane, spills burn more slowly and consistently than paper, and also double as a convenient tinder material.

Veritas based the design of a spill plane on an 1850s Edward Preston spill plane in their collection.
The depth stop helps orient and stabilize the plane during use and is both height adjustable and reversible (simply loosen the screw and rotate the stop without removing it from the body).

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