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I build a lot of picture frames and after discovering this system have used it exclusively for a number of years. I purchased the "4-Way Corner & Frame Clamp" because my "Self-Squaring Frame Clamp" didn't work on a past project where there was no hole in the center for the bolt section to fit. Although backordered when I put my order in, I had an opportunity to use a set of these clamps in a box making class. The thing I didn't like about the highlighted Grizzly clamp is that it applied uneven forces unless the frame you're gluing is square.
I also tried the Merle band clamp and found it to be somewhat difficult to control for smaller frames. I have a band clamp (Bessey, I think) that I really like -- the trick I found is that you need to tape the joints first to keep everything somewhat stable while you size and tighten the clamp. The information I've read and seen by Jerry Cole who is a miter magician, uses masking tape to hold his frames while the glue is drying.

You can get threaded rod joiner nuts and more threaded rod to make the clamp any size you want.
Instead of buying the strap clamp for ~$40 I just bought a 6-pack of the corner gizmos for about $15 and used a racheting strap clamp that I already had.
4 Aluminium jaws on a roll of steel tape extendable to 7 m make the clamping of frames and odd-shaped bodies quite simple and secure.
Clamping curves, polygonal connections and closed contours are traditionally some of the most difficult clamping jobs. Heavy, cast iron vice to help cut and glue precise 90-degree angles for picture frames and boxes.
Long (24") threaded rods screw into four corner blocks; the whole assembly is quickly closed up to the frame by sliding the speed nuts along the rods. On the other hand, if they are miscut and you try to force the fit with this clamp, then you could have a problem.

BESSEY has come up with a startling solution to this problem: in the form of the patented band clamp BAN 700, and the practical Vario corners. Whether the work is picture framing or cabinet making, wherever there is a need to glue together tiny mitred corners, these spring clips are just the thing. These two products are suitable for all those situations where gentle, non-warping, all-round clamping is needed. Secured by an automatic locking system that ensures even tractive forces on both sides, which do not slacken until the clamp is released.

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