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Keep the outline of the piece in a natural wood color and add a glossy white to the rest of the piece like Sabrina did with this desk. Or make a heavy piece lighter by painting the outline of the piece in white and keeping the rest of it a wood color like Beth did with this storage piece. A gray stain over the wood part of a white and wood contrasted piece is quite nice as well. After painting probably 20 pieces of furniture in the past few years, I've definitely made some progress in my painting skills.
I mostly took a break from painting furniture to paint our trim and our cabinetry throughout the house, and when I came back to it, I had really learned so much.
This is my most recent furniture makeover, and although it was difficult, I think it might be my all time favorite. Now, let's answer some of the frequently asked questions that I get after posting my furniture makeovers.

With the exception of my desk and a couple of other small projects, I usually opt for latex. If you want to swap a knob for a pull, or vice versa, remove with a screwdriver, and just fill in the current holes with wood filler and drill new ones wherever you want your new hardware to go. Create contrast — mix two different finishes in an intentional way on the same sideboard, dresser, desk, table or more — and you'll end up with a customized furniture piece exuding eye-catching tension and style.
Sand everything down to raw wood (start with lower grit and work up to higher grit; 220), wipe down with tack cloth.
I created the gold dipped effect by spray painting a taped off portion of each stool leg.The whole project cost about $10 and only took a couple of hours. I recently read a great article on Better Homes & Gardens website that listed several DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects that are quick and easy. Freshen it up a bit by replacing the knobs or handles and painting patterns or designs on drawer fronts or tabletops with paint pens.

You may also want to use a colorless protective coat of rustoleum before and after you are finished painting. I sanded down the solid wood legs and wood drawers, leaving the detailed pulls in their original dark finish.
A great reminder that if you make a mistake, even on your grandmother's fine antique furniture, you will live to tell the tale. For most of my furniture, I've simply used a flat interior paint in the color of my choice, usually Behr or Valspar. It's super durable, but it yellows overtime, so it's not ideal for light colored furniture.

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